Tenancy Management


We assign each client with their own personal customer service specialist to contact for any housing emergencies or issues. This allows us to get back to our clients within 30 minutes after receiving a call. We commit to get your problem solved within 24 hours. We will also prepay up to 3,000 RMB for maintenance costs if the landlord is out of town.


Our tenancy management process is based on 3 key stages:

  We conduct a pre-arrival home inspection to ensure everything is in good condition and working properly.

  We accompany you during the check-in of the property to help you get your bearings from the first day into your new home.

  We offer you continuous follow-up and support throughout your entire stay. Each tenant has their own key contact at Ambassador    Relocation, whom he or she can contact for any questions or problems that may arise.


Each of our consultants has more than 3 years of industry experience and can deal with any situation that might come up. Personal service and fast feedback is well ingrained in our company culture.

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