Pudong New Area


Pudong New Area is a district to the east of the Huangpu River that stretches to the East China Sea. It is a state-level new area of China which means it gets special government support to encourage its development. Because Pudong is so large, it encompasses rural and industrial areas as well as Lujiazui, the financial center of the city.


Pudong has variety of shopping opportunities with malls such as Plaza 96, Asia Pacific Plaza, and the IFC Mall. Asia Pacific Mall has more than 100 stores, while IFC Mall caters to high-end tastes with international designers. The IFC Mall is connected to the Ritz Carlton Hotel which has a rooftop bar and lounge, Flair, that provides incredible views of the city. Pudong also has a wide selection of restaurants including Western restaurants and other Asian cuisines.


Century Park in Pudong New Area, ShanghaiThe Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in Lujiazui and has a 120-meter long tunnel for visitors to walk through a coral reef, costal reef, shark cove, kelp cave, and open ocean. Pudong also boasts the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, one of the most visited museums in China. Near the museum is Century Park (left) – the largest park in Shanghai. The park doesn’t just have beautiful scenery; it also has an amusement park, a floating restaurant, a museum, restaurants, and a souvenir store. Both the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Century Park are on Century Avenue, which is a major road in Pudong running from the park to Lujiazui.



Pudong International Airpot (PVG) Terminal 2 in ShanghaiPudong is home to the Pudong International Airport making it convenient for anyone frequently traveling internationally.


Dulwich College British school in ShanghaiThe district is known for having a large expat community, and its population increase is solely due to the number of foreigners moving in. Housing in the area is affordable, and there are a number of international schools for families. The SMIC Private School, Concordia International School, and Shanghai American School are some of the top international schools in Shanghai and are all located in Pudong. Other international schools include Dulwich College Shanghai, French School of Shanghai, German School of Shanghai, Shanghai Japanese School, and New York University’s Shanghai campus. There are also numerous hospitals for expats in Pudong such as Shanghai East International Medical Centre, Global Health Care, and Parkway Health.


The strong expat community and amenities paired with the opportunities to live close to work and have convenient transportation to other districts make Pudong a great place for expat families to live.

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