Xuhui Garden 徐汇苑酒店式公寓

Apartment , Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2001 Xuhui
Apartment , Serviced Apartment 1 - 3 110 - 250 sqm 12,000 - 29,500


Xuhui Garden Serviced Apartment is located on Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui district, walking distance to metro line 1 Shanghai stadium station. Xuhui Garden Serviced Apartment is a high-end serviced apartment with a total area of 69,000sqm. The apartment complex enjoys 40% greenery and well-equipped with a central landscape area of 12,000sqm.The residents are also provided with great facilities such as tennis courts, children's playground,more than 700 underground and ground parking lots.


Lane 968 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District

Club House Facilities

  1. Gym
  2. Children's Playground
  3. Sauna
  4. Tennis Court

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