Spottiswoode Garden 比利华高级公寓

Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2000 Changning
Serviced Apartment 1 - 3 - sqm 12,000 - 17,800


Spottiswoode Garden set in a serene environment strategically located in a prominent district of Shanghai, Spottiswoode Garden boasts of amongst others, luxurious dwelling and convenience. The vicinity offers full amenities complemented by the close proximity of a beautiful landscaped park. The building's architectural arrangement is designed to permit sunlight through its glass-windowed hallways to create a sense of tranquility. Beyond its elegant construction, our 24/7 security and concierge services promise to provide a secure and comfortable stay for all. Choose from 43 one-to-three bedroom apartment/suites, each with a spacious living room accompanied by a fully equipped kitchen. Inspired by the “Boutique Hotel” concept, each unit has been daintily furnished to hotel-like standards while retaining the sweet familiarity of a cosy home. There is even a private art gallery to jazz up this plush residence.


Lane 1415 Huashan Road,Xuhui District

Club House Facilities

  1. Gym

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