Si Nan New Court 思南新苑

Apartment , Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2014 Former French Concession
Apartment , Serviced Apartment 1 - 3 130 - 180 sqm 12,500 - 34,000


Located on Sinan Road, close to Taikang Road, Si Nan New Court provides you with great location in the commercial area of Dapuqiao and Middle Huaihai Commercial Street where plenty of shops and restaurants are located there. Close to bustling street but in a quiet area, Si Nan New Court boasts many well-protected garden houses of long history with their unique artistic charm and strong cultural contents. Amenities are nearby including hospitals. 15 minutes’s walk to the hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong university of Medicine, 7 minutes’ walk to the Ruijin Hospital.


Lane 88,Sinan Road,Huangpu District.

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