Qiangsheng Gubei Garden 强生古北花园


Compound Details
Completion Date : 2007 Gubei
Apartment 2 - 4 123 - 298 sqm 18,000 - 33,000


Located at the crossing of Huangjinchendao Road and Yinzhu Road. Qiangsheng Gubei Garden covers an area of 34,025sqm and 130,000 construction area with green ratio reaching to 51%. It consists of 7 high-rise buildings ranging from 17 to 26 floors. Each building is outfitted with central grassland, giving residents a natural and harmonious living environment. Residents are able to enjoy the excellent facilities including gym, clubhouse, tennis court, children's playground, etc.


Lane 717 Huangjinchengdao, Changning District

Club House Facilities

  1. Gym
  2. Swimming Pool

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