Hua Ting Court 华亭园

Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2005 Xuhui
Serviced Apartment 4 - 4 308 - 308 sqm 53,000 - 53,000


Located on Hua Ting Rd, close to Middle Huaihai Road, Hua Ting Court offers you an easy access to Huaihai Commercial Street where plenty of restaurants,tea shops and coffee shops are located here. Completed in 2005, Huating Court offers a new kind of serviced apartment, each coming with simple and elegant decoration, a spacious layout, large windows and modern furniture. This Serviced Apartment is located in a quiet area, suitable for those who enjoy walking or cycling to work.


Lane 76 Huating Road, Xuhui District

Club House Facilities

  1. Gym

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