Grosvenor House 锦江贵宾楼

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Completion Date : 2015-03-30 Former French Concession
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One of the best-located hotels in Shanghai, the Jin Jiang Hotel is conveniently situated close to Huaihai Road, the "Champs-Elyses" of Shanghai. Its accommodations overlook 16,500 square meters of beautiful gardens and are spread across three unique buildings, the historic Cathay Building (built in 1929), the lavish mid-1930s suite-only Grosvenor House and the modern Cathay Garden executive wing. The Jin Jiang Hotel, with its many facets, flavors and features, is a reminder of what a truly "grand" hotel should be. The solid and magnificent Grosvenor House was established in 1934. The building's classic silhouette falls gracefully from its tall middle section toward both sides. The central section is eighteen storeys high, while the east and west sides are thirteen storeys high apiece. The luxurious, graceful continuous geometric figure ornamentation of the building's lobby gives you a preview of the remainder of the building's elegant style.Echoes of the glamorous past meet you throughout the Grosvenor's elegant interior.


59 South Maoming Road, Huangpu District

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