Crystal Pavilion 经典茂名

Apartment , Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2008 Jingan
Apartment , Serviced Apartment 2 - 4 120 - 200 sqm 20,900 - 37,000


Located on North Maoming Road next to West Nanjing Road and Wujiang Road, Crystal Pavilion can provide you an easy access to the shopping center and street snack. It contains 42 well-equipped apartments with contemporary architectural outlook and quality interior fittings. Excellent facilities are well equipped including swimming pool,sauna,steam room, relaxing area,multifunction entertainment room and landscaped roof garden.


Lane 318 North Maoming Road, Jingan District

Club House Facilities

  1. Gym
  2. Sauna
  3. Swimming Pool

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