Charms City Serviced Apartment 中福城服务式公寓

Apartment , Serviced Apartment

Compound Details
Completion Date : 2003 Huangpu
Apartment , Serviced Apartment 2 - 5 93 - 198 sqm 17,000 - 23,800


Charms City is a well managed luxurious apartment project caters for small families. This estate is circled a central hanging garden. It is popular amongst those who work in the Bund Centre or Raffle's city. Charms City is situated in Huangpu District, downtown, Shanghai. It is close to East Nanjing Rd and People Square. It has easy access to enjoyable urban amenities nearby, approximately 10 minutes walking distance to the Bund area.


Lane 228 North Guangxi Road, Huangpu District

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