About Ambassador Relocation


Ambassador Relocation was founded in 2005 in Shanghai to assist expatriates to find homes. We manage a wide and competitive database of properties and provide a 24/7 tenancy management with a 30 minute call back response time.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way by operating responsibly and by executing with excellence.

Our professional team has a broad range of competencies within property and relocation and will remain at your disposal to assist you with any requirements or questions you may have during the length of the contract.

Ambassador Relocation is strongly rooted by our core values of Efficiency, Trustworthiness, Reliability and Honesty which allow us to grow and be successful.


  Contact Us

+ 86 13818919896
+ 86 18930463551
+ 86 21 62178589 Ext. 609
[email protected]
21C, No 1399 West Beijing Road, Jingan District, Shanghai 200040, China

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